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Inclusive Coaching WM Vision and Values

Inclusive Coaching Vision and Values


That all staff within  WM NHS organisations can access quality coaching and mentoring services as and when needed leading to happier staff and improved quality of care.


1)      Confidentiality

All our coaching and mentoring relationships are bound by confidentiality and all our coaches and mentors are members of the professional body, European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and abide by their Code of Conduct.

2)      Respect and Belief

Our coaches will give you the ‘space’ to talk and will really listen to what you are saying and, in some cases, not saying, in order to support you to achieve your goals. All coaches believe that people have limitless ability to develop and that their role is to support you to achieve whatever you wish to achieve.

3)      Sustainable

Our commitment to West Midlands NHS organisations is to change behaviour through improved self-awareness and self-confidence and improved performance and productivity in a sustainable way by working with staff to embed new behaviours and new ways of thinking into everyday working practice.


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