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Introduction to mentoring

Inclusive Mentoring  WM consists of a cohort of mentors from NHS organisations throughout the region. All of our mentors attend regular CPD sessions designed to ensure they are up-to-date with best practice and developments within mentoring. Inclusive Mentoring WM is an important part of an overall strategy to develop leadership capacity at all levels in the West Midlands.

The MentorNet system provides a confidential service for mentees to choose one of our qualified mentors, as well as an online facility to manage the mentoring relationship. After completing the registration process a mentee can view the profiles of potential mentors and have the opportunity to self-select (depending upon availability) their mentor.

Inclusive Coaching and Inclusive Mentoring WM was created and developed because of a total commitment to the development of staff and organisations. We understand that good coaching and mentoring is the foundation of effective leadership development and therefore we seek to develop excellent coaching and mentoring relationships that will promote high performance, improve staff engagement and lead to improvements in the quality of the care we provide..








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