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Coaching is proven to have a significant impact on individual development as well as positively impacting on organisational culture and even health outcomes.

Coaching creates a space to think differently and more creatively in order to realise our potential, allowing people to take ownership of their own development in a structured and supported way, while encouraging a self-directed, proactive approach to addressing issues and making decisions. Research shows that there are huge personal benefits to accessing coaching, particularly at times of change.

Our coaches have a wide range of different styles and approaches and are trained to either ILM7, EMCC Practitioner Level or hold qualifications of this standard. They will work with you on issues related to your performance, development, and the delivery of organisational objectives. This may focus on subjects such as: self-development, career development, personal relationships at work, or managing organisational change.

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If you'd like to discuss being added to our register, training to be a coach or for further information on how we can support your coaching, please contact us on midlands@leadershipacademy.nhs.uk

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